A lot of people have been asking me about the Write-a-modern-CV Bootcamp, so I decided to give some more information about it here.

This bootcamp will teach you how to prepare for and write a new CV or resume so that you have more confidence and success in getting a better job.

– You have lifetime access to all the materials in this program, and the Bootcamp is entirely self-paced so you can go through it at whatever speed you like. 

– This Bootcamp is currently PDF-based for easy access (however, if and when we add videos, an email will be sent to the address you used when signing up).

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Module 1 of the Write-a-modern-CV Bootcamp is all about how to identify where you are in your current job search or career path. You will learn about your work-self. And you will delve into your past career choices to determine some guiding information.

I highly recommend working through this module to get a better understanding of what you want out of your future career. If you want to skip this part and go straight ahead to reworking your current CV, you are welcome to do so, but finding out why you make the decision you do, can be an eye-opening experience.

In Module 2 of the Write-a-modern-CV Bootcamp I show you have to research the type of organisation for which you would like to work. You want to be sure that you are a good fit for the company and that includes finding out if you align well with their culture. 

In Modules 3 & 4 of the Write-a-modern-CV Bootcamp you will find all the technical details you need to write a Modern CV.

Be sure to make use of the additional resources, such as worksheets and guides, found in the “Additional materials” section.  It will help you to take action on writing a cover letter and prepare for interviews.

Lastly, enjoy the process and good luck with finding your dream job!


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