Driving helps me to think and may be the key to reducing my stress levels, increase my creativity and possibly even make me more happy. The drive to my daughters’ school is just 15 minutes and even in that small amount of time – my creative juices kick in. The drive acts as a kind of intermission to my morning of studying and the afternoon’s activities that still lie ahead, and I get to practice a little mindfulness.

“Research indicates that the regular practice of mindfulness demonstrates efficacy in treating anxiety and a variety of other psychological conditions.”

As my body focuses on the task, my mind starts to reflect on things more clearly. I suddenly remember things I forgot to do, and I realise that clutter is not only a physical thing, but definitely something that happens in the mind as well. So I use this time to do a bit of mental-organising. Because I can’t write anything down while driving, I have started to use the voice recorder on my phone to record short to-do lists for myself. Until I can get back home and can sit down in front of my computer again to start acting on those ideas.

Here are 3 things that driving has helped me do:

  1. Lessen anxiety. I practice breathing exercises while I drive, or listen to a short guided meditation.
  2. Get my groove on. I have made myself a playlist of inspirational songs that I sing out loud whenever I feel a bit blue and need a good laugh. My singing really is that bad. Not even the shower gets an earful.
  3. Get writing done. Well, actually this is me talking out loud to a recorder, but you get the idea. Focused thoughts, less distractions. I really get things done!

Is there anything you do while driving that helps you? Add you ideas in the comments below.