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In the current job market you are competing with multiple other job applicants who are just as eager and skilled, and maybe more than you. Therefore you need to do whatever you can to make your application stand out and get noticed in the crowd. A professional CV writing service can help you get there faster.

How can I help you?
– Job and industry-specific research
– Intuitive one-on-one career sessions
– Career profiling
– Articulate writing with relevant terminology and keywords
– ATS matching and formatting techniques

As an Industrial and Organisational Psychology graduate, my passion lies in helping individuals identify their strengths and skills in order to choose an exciting and meaningful career path. Because I have extensive experience in administration and graphic design, this enables me to succinctly compile a CV while at the same time have my creative eye on the detail of the visual aspects like layout and formatting.

Why do you need a great CV?

Everyone needs a great CV!

Whether you are a recent graduate, experienced professional or entrepreneur. A CV is your first chance to make an impact on a potential employer. That is why a well-written CV will enhance your chances of landing an interview and prevent it ending up in the reject pile.

Your CV is your personal branding statement.

Therefore you should use it to your advantage. Just like an entrepreneur has an elevator pitch that they use at networking events, you can use your CV to sell your skills to a potential employer.

A modern CV has a different focus than a few years ago.

Because it is no longer just a list of your education and work experiences. You have to uncover your “employability” and show how you will help an organisation achieve its business goals. That is why it is important to take the time and effort to explore your career up to this point and structure your CV to highlight your knowledge, skills, and abilities. Your CV needs to be tailored specifically to the job you are applying for and this might mean you will need more than one! It should be concise and informative, preferably not longer than 2 pages and it should reflect your personal attributes and values as an employee.

With proper profiling, you can get your CV through the system* and on the hiring managers’ desk.

*It needs to be able to get through ATS (applicant tracking systems). This will greatly increase your chances of getting an actual interview. A professional CV writing service can assist you in compiling a CV that is worthy of your skills, talents, and qualifications, and get you one step closer to your dream job.

I believe that if a person can see their experience in a new light and see the value they can bring to a business – they will feel empowered and more hopeful to make a difference.


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Anneri has acquired a wealth of knowledge from studying her IOP degree and life experience and has found her niche in career guidance and CV preparation. She easily and professionally plucks the most important gifts that a person has to offer and gets it all down so that a job-seeker is well prepared mentally and on paper. Her bubbly personality, empathy, online skills, relevant research, and eloquence make her stand out from the crowd. Having coached Anneri I can see that she enthusiastically operates from the highest integrity and I can highly recommend her services.

Karon Wiercx, Consciousness Coach @ KW Coaching

Anneri has the ability to sum up one's personality, work experience, abilities and academic background in such a way that a correct evaluation can be made by one glance at a single page.

Corrie van Zijl, Independent Risk Manager @ Storage Group

Anneri het my man gehelp met sy CV nadat hy al vir 2 jaar lank werk soek. Ons het besef ons het professionele hulp nodig. Anneri het Gideon se CV omgetower en in woorde beskryf wat hy kan bied aan n besigheid en werkgewer waaraan ons nooit gedink het nie. Dankie Anneri vir jou professionele hulp! Ons is stomgeslaan. Ons waardeer dit baie. Ek sal jou oral aanbeveel!

Chantell Janse van Rensburg, Financial Advisor @ SKYFIN Financial Services

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