This article will show you how to write a personal profile.

Your ‘personal profile’ is the area on your CV where you get the chance to show off. It is the ‘tell us a little bit about yourself ‘ section of your CV.  Therefore you should use it to your advantage. Just like an entrepreneur has an elevator pitch that they use at networking events, you can use your CV to sell your skills to a potential employer.

I cover all this and more in the “How to Write-a-modern-CV Bootcamp”.

How to write the personal profile. CV Bootcamp advert applicant tracking systems

Highlight your most valuable knowledge, skills, and abilities – but specifically how it applies to the job you are applying for. You have to uncover your “employability” and show how you will help an organisation achieve its business goals. Use the Strengths and Values List to help you describe the person you are and how you handle yourself in the workplace.

The Strengths and Values List is part of the “How to Write-a-modern-CV Bootcamp” but you can also purchase it separately from my shop.

You need to use keywords from the actual job description in this section. The job description is asking questions from you, and you need to show how you can answer them with your skills and abilities.  After reading this section, the interviewer should already feel you are the best person for the job; the rest of your CV should highlight your qualifications and give proof.

A note about grammar & tenses to use:

Because this describes the current version of yourself – you should use the present tense.  You don’t want to start every sentence with “I am”, “I can”… etc. Your sentences should read like the “I am” is already in there.
For example, (I am an) Honest, responsible and capable adventurer seeking new opportunities.

I hope you enjoyed learning how to write a personal profile.

Enjoy the process and good luck with finding your dream job!




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