So today I went to an energy healing session. I have never been to one before and didn’t know what to expect. What I found was a kind ear and a steady hand who touched my heart. Sometimes just talking openly with someone you trust is exactly what you need. I had never met this healer before but felt comfortable with her immediately. As we talked, I grew more relaxed and opened up about things that are bothering me at the moment. I have been on a path of self-loathing these past few weeks, and I know it will lead nowhere good – really fast.

I have been on this road before and I am recognising the signs. I isolate, pull back, talk less, eat more junk food and drink less water. I am obviously trying to protect myself and that in itself is not a bad thing. It is when all this aloneness gets out of balance that I can really feel it.  I have even been isolating myself from the only good friend or two that I have. I know it is not a good practice, but when I feel so overwhelmed like I have been lately, it is exactly the thing I do. I creep back into my shell of protection and it takes a really great person to get me out of it again. And since I don’t have any of those in my life at the moment, I realised it is up to myself.

So I went where any tech-savvy, self-helper goes first…Pinterest.

I enter my latest ‘craving’ and hit enter. There is usually a lot of good ideas and when I finally tear myself away from the screen after a few minutes (ok, hours!), I have a lot of plans and inspiration to get me going. It is not to say that I actually do get to the action part, but at least I feel a lot more inspired.

What I realised again today is that my soul needs some creativity. So I have decided I am going to set aside a session of time aside each day to do something creative. Lately I have been leaning toward painting. A couple of years ago I felt the tug toward painting but I didn’t have the time to invest in it. Earlier this year I got the chance to create two paintings for a tender process. The work didn’t pan out, but it made me realise how much I enjoy the process. I really felt in the zone while I was busy and time flew by. Isn’t that how you know you are enjoying yourself?

There is a connection between art and healing Click To Tweet

The connection between art and healing is getting much more attention these days. A growing body of research shows that a variety of creative activities can positively impact your emotions, attitudes and beliefs, and can contribute to greater health and wellness. I just have to look at the shelves at my local bookstore that is filled with coloring books for adults to know the following statements and definitely true:

  • “Art can distract you from thoughts of illness”
  • “Art decreases negative emotions and increases positive ones”
  • “Being creative can reduce depression”
  • “Reduces stress and anxiety; increases in positive emotions”
  • “Reduces negative emotions”
  • “Improves flow and spontaneity”

We are all looking for ways to reduce our levels of stress and get a bit of our childhood carefree feelings back. So starting from tomorrow I will tackle a little art journal project, and if I feel it is ok to share here, I will. I have a smidgen of perfectionism problems so it might be really hard for me to share any of my creations just yet. At the moment I am just glad I committed to something.

I am happy I took the time for myself this morning. That I did something for me.

What little steps are you taking every day to help fill your cup?