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Changes in life are inevitable. Reframing your perspective can mean finding positivity and peace during your periods of transition. Click To TweetChange can be stressful, even when it’s change you anticipate and desire. However altering your attitude and embracing thoughtful strategies can help turn changing times into windows of opportunity. Here’s how to make the most of those periods of transition.

Go exploring. Transitions in life can be upsetting. You may feel like your world is out of control and the ground is shifting under your feet. Vulnerable moments can open you to self-introspection. Psychology Today explains it’s a perfect time for exploring your inner world and what makes you “tick.” Contemplate your goals and what may hinder you from reaching them. Is there baggage getting in your way? Something in your environment? Are your feelings or habits inhibiting your progress? Take a step back and evaluate what drives your choices. By understanding your personal process, you can alter your path and reframe your ambitions.

Optimize your homelife. Your home should be a sanctuary, a retreat from the world where you can refresh and recharge from the rest of your life. During your time of transition, it’s especially important that your home supports your emotional, physical, and mental wellness. Simple changes in your home environment can promote your health, reducing your stress levels and helping you be happier and healthier. Redfin suggests decluttering as a first step toward creating a stress-free home environment. Improve your home’s atmosphere by adding natural elements, such as potted plants or art that reflects nature. Make sure you’re keeping healthy foods in the house so you can eat properly. Make time for fitness and drink plenty of water—seemingly small aspects of self-care will help you feel energized and stay healthy. And open your curtains! Natural light can boost your mood.

Here and now. During times of transition, you can become so focused on getting through your changes that you don’t enjoy the present. Don’t allow yourself to start seeing your world in black and white or through a lens of what could be or past regrets. Psycom recommends focusing on the moment and what is happening now instead of worrying over what the future holds. Practice deep breathing, mindfulness, or meditation techniques to help you engage in the present and step away from stress.

Be grateful. Our modern-day lifestyle encourages some habits that aren’t terribly healthy in certain respects. We share our accomplishments on social media, overfill our schedules, and overcommit at work and at home. With all of our busyness and the glossy pictures painted in our electronic lives, we can get caught up in thinking we don’t have what we want. We should be more, have more, and do more. One suggestion for navigating this unhealthy cycle is to start every morning by thinking about things you appreciate in your life. Write them down in a notebook so you can begin your day focused on things you are grateful for.

Compliment others. Expressing a kind thought to someone, even a stranger, can make you feel good. By connecting with someone in a personal way, you create a vulnerable moment, which is healthy and positive. Next time you’re enjoying some time with your best friend, tell her how much she means to you, and offer something specific. “You always tell me like it is, and I count on you for that honesty.” And when’s the last time you told your mom how much you appreciate her push to finish that course you wanted to drop in school, the one that ended up being a life-changer? Tell people those great things. Some experts feel kindness to others helps you feel more positive and optimistic. You’ll find the obstacles you’re navigating seem small when you’re basking in the glow of the warmth those moments offer.

Welcoming changes. Changes in life are inevitable. Reframing your perspective can mean finding positivity and peace during your periods of transition. Enjoy the opportunities life sends your way!

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