Employability is about being capable of getting and keeping meaningful and fulfilling work Click To Tweet

In simple terms, employability is about being capable of getting and keeping meaningful and fulfilling work. “Employability is having a set of skills, knowledge, understanding and personal attributes.” You have to show your potential employer how your specific skill set can add value to their company.

Presentation is key
A top-quality CV will boost your chance of getting a face-to-face interview, so it is worth spending time and effort on the content and presentation.

Honesty is the best policy
If you lie or embellish on a CV you will be caught, canceling all possibility of ever being employed by the company. If you get caught by a Recruitment agency it is even worse! They have access to many possible vacancies and you just lost out on a great service. Make sure all gaps on your CV can be explained and don’t try to stretch the truth. The interview process is thorough enough to weed out all discrepancies. References will be checked.

Targeting your CV and cover letter
This means that your CV and cover letter should not be a generic one you send to the first 100 companies in the phonebook. (Do people still use a phonebook?!) Tailor your cover letter to the job advertisement and match your skills to their needs.

Introduction statement
A carefully written, short paragraph showcasing your unique talents and career highlights can be used to introduce yourself at the start of your CV. Don’t oversell yourself, feel comfortable with what you are saying and be honest.

Keep your information relevant
Start with your most recent work experience first and highlight transferable skills you will use in your new job. Provide less information about previous jobs as your career will have outgrown the junior position you had 10 years ago.

Be concise and accurate
Check both spelling and grammar, and make sure there are no mistakes in your cover letter or CV. Your CV should be no longer than 2 pages, depending on work experience, and should include all relevant details: personal, employment history, education, and qualifications.

Make a good first impression, or it might be your last…
This is the first impression a new employer gets. Many companies are now using ATS (applicant tracking systems) to screen through hundreds of CV’s and yours need to make it through this robotic test, to get to a hiring manager. You want your CV in an actual persons’ hands!

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