Whether or not you have the luxury of time right now, these 7 steps can help you. Find a moment to ensure your CV is in the best shape, ready to hit the market should you get retrenched, or if you are currently looking for a better job.

There are companies that are actively hiring. If you look at career websites like Careers24 and Linkedin companies are definitely looking for new talent in all industries. There is also a greater focus on remote working opportunities.

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These 7 steps include some practical tips with regards to your CV:
  1. Short and to the point: ensure your CV is no more than two pages (three maximum). It needs to be short, succinct and to the point. Focus on the skills you already have that are required in the given job description.
  2. Get the structure right: the general format of a CV should include your basic information (name, contact, etc.), a brief profile, your education, your employment history, key competencies, and references. Make sure to highlight your accomplishments with quantifiable metrics, eg percentages.
  3. ATS friendly: your CV has to reflect applicant tracking system friendly keywords. Study the job description and look at the terminology they are using. Make sure (without, of course, fabricating anything) your CV contains the terms around ‘critical requirements.’ For example, instead of “a strong eye for detail” use “excellent analytical thinking skills.”
  4. Know your market: make sure you are utilising formats that are friendly for your desired market. There should be absolutely no mention of your race, age, or gender. Recruiters in South Africa would likely prefer seeing an id number (the idea here is that you are South African and have the right to work), your employment equity status, as well as whether or not you hold a drivers’ licence.
  5. Check, re-check then check again. Your writing, spelling and grammar need to be impeccable. Use online tools like Grammarly or Scribens.com to check your grammar for errors.
  6. Do not lie. Under no circumstance is this a good idea. The truth will always come out, and you don’t want to create a bad reputation for yourself.
  7. Check your social media accounts: Make sure there are no embarrassing photographs online. Your online presence should be professional.

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