The job search process can be a stressful activity in any circumstance, let alone during this pandemic. While you can only update your CV, Cover Letter and applications so many times, there are a few things you can try to lessen your worry and make the process go more smoothly.


Reach out

During your job search process get in touch with family, friends, and ex-colleagues if you are actively on the market. Don’t be shy to ask for introductions. Ask for references from previous bosses. As the old saying goes, it is not what you know, it is who you know.
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It is time for that rainy day

If you are part of the minority that have saved for a rainy day, it may just be the thunderstorm that warrants dipping into those savings. Or perhaps call up your financial advisor; you may have an income protector as part of your portfolio that you could have forgotten about. In some instances, you can arrange for a payment holiday that could help you out for a few months. Research avenues into claiming for UIF.

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Keep your chin up

Everything in life is cyclical. You may be money poor but time rich. Look at your budget, cut all luxuries, if need be, take a payment holiday on debts and apply your mind to out the box thinking. It’s no wonder that the art of slow-living is seeing such a comeback, learning how to bake your own bread is a very satisfying way of spending a morning.

Get active

Go outside in the fresh air if you can. Even a quick 10-minute walk up and down your street will help.

girl taking her dog for a walk on a city sidewalk / exercise as part of your job search process

Make wise choices

Take note of what you consume – not just food-wise, but with regards to the news too. Don’t watch every video or read every article sent to you on social media. Only read trusted news sources and limit your screen time. Get your hands on one of the books on your bookshelf that you’ve been promising to read forever.

girl reading a book in a sunlit window / reading as part of your job search process

Getting creative

Try that hobby you have been putting of, there’s an abundance of colouring books specifically for adults now, or just borrow one from the kids – just the act of colouring can be relaxing and peaceful. Painting, sewing, crochet or knitting are all fairly inexpensive things you can try and there are lots of Youtube video tutorials you can follow.

paint and paper on table / creativity as part of your job search process

From Anneri

There are companies that are actively hiring. If you look at career websites like Careers24 and Linkedin companies are definitely looking for new talent in all industries. There is also a greater focus on remote working opportunities.

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