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When Perfectionism Sends You Running for Cover

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Every year I start of with the idea of following a theme. This year was no different. The theme I picked was Mindfulness. I called it “2015 Mindfulness”. Because, you see, I have picked mindfulness as my theme for the last three years and I wasn’t particularly successful at managing the practice at all. Hence the repeat action.
Practice makes perfect!

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Or I should actually say: Practice makes progress. Has anyone else noticed that the saying has changed over the last few years? I think it is a great idea. I am making progress. And putting that endless amount of pressure on a person to be perfect is just unrealistic. Luckily this is something I have observed about myself long ago: trying to be perfect. Perfectionism follows me around like a little shadow and it creeps up every now and again as a silly reminder that I take myself too seriously and I need to calm down.
Be less anxious. Just do something.
It doesn’t have to be 100%.
It can just be.

Trying to be perfect is something I have dragged with me since childhood. I posed a question in a support group the other day, and asked for advice about something that was bothering me at the time. And out of all the answers the clear intention came out, that I should look to my past for the origin of this current issue. Because what I was dealing with at the moment was just symptoms of a much deeper challenge.

I have forever felt that I am not good enough, or that what I do is not good enough. I have had better times in my life where I have felt good enough as a person, but I guess lately the spiral has been turning back to the feeling of inadequacy. At least I know now that the spiral will turn again and take me to a better, higher place of understanding and acceptance of myself. spiral-v1

For now, I am off to go listen to some more Power Affirmations on YouTube. I found a good one by David McGraw here.

What do you do when you struggle with perfectionism?


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  1. I also choose themes for myself. I was limiting my theme to time constraints,
    usually forty days , but then I decided for this current theme to work through it until I felt I was finished. My theme is “Constructive Thoughtfulness.” It started out with the theme of Construction. ( I picked it out of a Bible verse I was reading at the time.) And through a devotional reading I came across the phrase, “Constructive Thoughtfulness,” and knew immediately it was exactly what I was intended to follow. Good luck on your pursuits.

    Instead of trying to be perfect in this theme, I am actually intent on building a better life…and realize imperfections are sometimes more beautiful and uplifting than blank, perfect beauty or circumstances. Kathy

    • Anneri Anneri

      Hi Kathy!
      Thanks for the lovely comment. I LOVE the theme of “Constructive Thoughfulness” It feels like there is so much more meaning to it than just ‘mindfulness’. There is more an intention of action behind it 🙂
      I also like your idea of sticking to something until it feels finished… if I do that instead of picking a year, i might actually not feel this tense about nearing the end of another year and feeling that I have not accomplished the goal yet!

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