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When New Years resolutions already start in November…

2016’s New Years resolutions are suppose to start on January 1st, right? Well, I just couldn’t wait that long, I had to start in November 2015. Well, technically that is not true. Since they were my old 2015 resolutions… I waited 10 months to start, but hey, who’s counting, right?

2015 was the year that I turned 40. That dreaded mid-life-crisis number. I was determined not to look like a frumpy 40-year old on my birthday in November . The plan was to start exercising and drop that few extra kilo’s I had packed on around my waistline. I blame the cookies-and-milk stress-relievers. I blame the chocolate! I blame my studies that I had started to find so stressful and taxing on my nerves. Blame it on whatever you like, the kilos were meant to go… but that didn’t quite work out as I planned. In fact – I managed to just add a few more kilos. Go figure.

So my 40th birthday rolled around (and yes, that pun was so intended)! We went out for dinner. I felt guilty. And sad. And mad at myself for not doing anything about it. Lets just call it sad-mad.

So, what did I do? A week later my brother and I decided to go for a hike. I live on the side of a mountain and there is a nice, moderate difficulty level hike out to a lookout point. We walked and talked for about 2 hours that day, and I made my mind up to not stop exercising until I reached my goal weight. I love the way my legs felt stiff and sore the next day – I could feel the muscles had worked!

Later that week, I signed myself up for a few sessions with a personal trainer at my gym. Is this a good time to tell you that I have had a membership since 2009? I have made the minimum required  visits of 12 per year…but that is about it. One year I even just used 2 visits to get a smoothie *blush*. Anyhow, that is a story for another time. I figured I needed the personal trainer (PT) to keep me accountable. I also like that they show you around the gym a bit first, to get reacquainted with some old and a few new machines. After our 3 sessions, I decided to sign up with her for a weekly session. On the other days I will train on my own at the gym.

Now this is where it gets interesting… I went to gym all through December, not letting family visits and Christmas lunches spoil my good streak. We did a weigh-in before Christmas and wait for it: I gained 1,4kg! I managed to lose 2 cm around my waist, but I was so disappointed! It definitely was a horrible shock when I stepped on the scale only to realise I had gained weight! Wait, what? Lose centimeters and gain weight? Yup, apparently that can happen.

I will continue this story as my slow progress goes on.

I am diarising my journey on Instagram, if you want to follow me there: @anneri.get_me_fit


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